Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Candle Magic Tea: Fixing Glass Candles That Do Not Burn All The Way

Candle Magic Tea
Fixing Glass Candles That Do Not Burn All The Way

Those of us who set lights with glass encased candles and study ceromancy with their remains are at times beset by residual wax that lends a negative interpretation to the work. A candle that does not burn completely can indicate a lack of resolution in regards to what it was lit for. Of course we know that not every magical act results in immediate resolution and that patience can be as necessary an ingredient in magic as anything found on the apothecary shelf, yet some needs are immediate, and a tenacious worker will not stop until every magical trick has been employed in order to accomplish a swift result. Fixing a despairing candle of this sort, as with any act of alchemy, relies on heat; in my practice this takes the form of a hot tea that I pour into the candle glass to loosen the stubborn wax and make it rise to the surface.

The type of tea depends on the manner of work to be done. By ‘tea’ I do not necessarily mean something you yourself would drink; feel free to use whatever herbs are aligned with your work since there is no need for them to be ingestible or flavorful. On the other hand a good kitchen witch can often use what is on hand, therefore a commercial jasmine tea would work well when for a candle that was burned for love, or chamomile tea for money. When using a commercial tea bag I like to cut it open and empty the contents into the candle glass. Coffee, or something caffeinated, can also be a good choice for speeding thing up, although for use with a love candle it should be sweetened. The important thing is that this liquid be hot enough to melt the wax. I bring my water to a rolling boil then pour it from kettle to candle.
It is important that you first check the glass to ensure that there are no cracks, as the hot water will expand them and cause you quite a mess. If you do find a crack, or your candle glass breaks, then I would take that as a sign that your magical needs are not to be rushed. Just in case my glass does break I place it in a cauldron, and any large bowl could be used for this purpose. 

In addition to choosing special herbs for my candle jar tea, I also will add a few drop of food coloring into the candle glass to correspond with its original color. Depending on the circumstance I may also add such things as sugar, glitter or even curios. Don’t forget to add your intention, prayers and energy to the process as well.

Once this is done, the mixture is left to cool. If there was a fair amount of wax then you will be left with an herb infused disk of wax that can us used for further magic, such as adding them to a mojo bag, perhaps along with the petition paper that the candle was burned upon. Disposing of the colored water can be tricky, since it may stain. I have a camphor tree that I give mine to, and it seems to like it; I believe the environmental effects of a little food coloring is negligible. Another option would be to bottle the water to use in later spells.

With this added effort you may be able to bring a quicker magical resolution to your needs.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Happy Home Spell

A Happy Home Spell
by Storm Faerywolf

Our home is our castle, right? That place where we can put all of the stresses of the day behind us and just relax, secure in the knowledge that we are safe, surrounded by family and friends who love us.

As idyllic as that sounds, the reality is sometimes far more harsh; disagreements even among loving family members can turn ugly… issues among roommates can escalate into arguments or worse. Where do you turn when your safety zone is not so safe?

This has been a problem since about that time in which people began cohabitating. I’m sure that there were many disagreements in the caves that sheltered early humans which necessitated some form of domestic problem solving (or at least a club to the head).

In modern and polite society we frown on angry bludgeoning to solve our problems, making the magical alternative somewhat more attractive (or at least legal). To this end, enter the Happy Home Spell!

For this spell you will need the following items:

-A Blue candle

-Some “Happy Home” conjure oil (Alternatively you may create a mixture with olive oil and herbs such as basil, cornflowers, rosemary, and lavender)

-Some dried “Happy Home” herbs, such as those listed above.

-A small bowl

-Several ice cubes

-An incense burner and charcoal (or self-lighting “Happy Home” incense; alternatively you may use white sage)

Choose a time in which you will be undisturbed. Gather your ingredients and set up a working space in the center of your home. Light your incense or sage and smoke the area while you pray for peace in your home; and end to fighting, and end to pain, and end to anger… focus on the desired result: a happy, peaceful place where all who live there can come together in mutual support and solidarity; a refuge from the chaos of the outside world. Cultivate within your heart a sense of peace, of happiness, and relaxation. Imagine this sense of peace permeating the smoke and everything in your living space.

Take the blue candle and carve into it the names of everyone in your household then dress it with some “Happy Home” oil. Next, roll the oil dressed candle toward you through some of the “Happy Home” herbs. Melt the bottom of the candle so that you can stick it upright in the center of the bowl.

In the bowl, surround the candle with ice (good for cooling down tempers) and then sprinkle more of the dried herbs on top. Light the candle saying,

“With this light I conjure forth
A soothing peace into this space
From east and west, from south and north
All strife and anger now erase!”

As the candle burns, take up the sage or incense and walk it through your home, imagining its peaceful influence permeating your home. When finished, return to the candle and say any heart-felt prayer for you home to be a peaceful one, and allow the candle to burn all the way down. When it is finished and the ice has all melted, take the herb filled water and sprinkle it all around outside your home. If there is any left you may wish to add it to a bath. The candle remains should be buried in your back yard or in a potted plant. It is done.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Modern Conjure: To Control Your Men

Modern Conjure: To Control Your Men: To Control Your Men Steal his trouser button And with spider webs surround Saying "Now I have you captured, And to me you are bound."

To Control Your Men

To Control Your Men

Steal his trouser button
And with spider webs surround
"Now I have you captured,
And to me you are bound."

I created this New Years Day, 2012. I've had this vintage postcard by G. Vicentini that I have long been waiting to create the perfect spell for. If you go about collecting spider webs for this spell be sure to be kind to the spiders and be careful not to get bit.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dandy Warlock Soaps


Giving a shout out to the Warlocks of Dandy Warlock and their new soaps: 

Centaur, with scents of Leather, Neroli, Amber and more.
Pan, smelling of Oakmoss, Palmarosa, Balsam and then some.

Magically sensual soaps. Goats milk and glycerine leave your skin feeling soft. Go ahead and indulge.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Open Your Eyes: A Spell to Dispel Illusion and Give Clear Sight

"Oh, she is such a fake. I wish more people could see through her beauty and charm and see the viper she really is."

"I don't know what she sees in him; he's obviously taking advantage of her. If only she'd open her eyes and see."

Sometimes don't you just wish that they could see through the glamour? Cleverly and skillfully it has woven around the motives and actions of someone who is not what they present themselves to be. It could be a family member, so in love with someone who would use them selfishly... or it could be a co-worker who is always able to place the blame elsewhere for their own faults and yet come across smelling like roses. 

Perhaps it's the lazy boyfriend who --despite being mean and condescending to his mate-- is able to get her to do everything for him. Or maybe it's the woman who lures you in with her caring and concern, only to betray your trust and hurt you so that she can get ahead herself. You know that these people are not worth your time, but those close to you are still involved. Whatever the specifics, what you need is a good "wake-me-up". You want the truth to come to light!

This is an "Eye Opening" spell. It is designed to allow everyone to see beyond the 'glamour' or facade that a particular person employs around them, and deep into the truth of their nature. And when I say 'everyone' I mean 'everyone'; even though you are convinced that this person is deceptive you will need to include yourself to have your eyes opened to their deep truth, as well. So there is the possibility that you might change your mind about this person after you perform this... or else perhaps have even more of a confirmation as to why you distrust them.

You should also be aware that if you are wrong about this person--and you do not include yourself in the spell-- then the eyes that this spell opens may look upon you unfavorably; your friends and family perhaps seeing you as manipulative and meddling where it's none of your business. For this reason it is important to include yourself in its eye-opening power.

Begin by performing whatever grounding and alignment exercises you generally do and then perform an Uncrossing. The house must then be cleansed and all glamours be dispelled. Any number of methods can accomplish this.

For this spell, gather the following:
  • A white candle
  • Some anointing or conjure oil (Uncrossing would be good, as would a 'Road Opener' or 'Van Van')
  • An incense charcoal and burner
  • A picture of the person whose glamour you wish to dispel (if you don't have a photo, a name-paper with their signature, a sample of their handwriting, or their name written three times on it will suffice.)
  • Some dried eyebright leaf
After your Uncrossing and house cleansing, go to your altar and light the charcoal. When it is ready, sprinkle some eyebright on it and smoke yourself and the area, asking the spirit of eyebright to assist you in bringing clear sight in regards to this person. 

Prepare a name paper on the back of the photograph. In the center draw a sigil that you have constructed to represent his (or her) name and essence. Around this, in cursive, write the phrase, "dispel all glamour and see him true", in a circle around the sigil, only without any spaces between the words so that it is written in one continuous motion without lifting your pen. (This method is based on one taught in Cat Yronewode's Lucky Mojo Hoodoo and Rootwork course and is my preferred method to begin making a name or petition paper.) 

Draw an open eye in each of the four corners and add other symbols of power that you feel particularly drawn to. You can get creative and make it a work of art. Dab some of the oil on each of the corners and then finally in the very center of the paper. It is now it's own crossroads. (You may even wish to align the four corners with the four directions when you dab with oil; sometimes I do this for added power. It really feel it is extra powerful when I dab that final center; the paper generally really comes alive for me at that point.)

Sprinkle a little bit more of the eyebright onto the charcoal and "smoke" the name paper/photograph. Repeat the phrase, "Dispel all glamour and see him true" for several moments (if not several minutes) as you feel power rising and flowing into the working. "See" a fog lift so that you, your family, your co-workers, your friends, and everybody else, can see this person for what they truly are. Place the name paper --photo side down-- on the altar and surround it with a circle of the dried herb. 

Carve an open eye near the top of the candle, one in the middle, and one near the bottom. Carve the names of everyone else being affected by this spell between the bottom and middle eyes, and your own name between the middle and top ones. Dress the candle with the oil while chanting the phrase, "Dispel all glamour and see him true". Place the candle on top of the name paper and light it as you whisper the phrase three more times. Let the candle burn all the way down. Pay attention to how it burns and what remains (if any) are left as you can divine from them how the spell worked for you.  

Gather up the circle of dried eyebright and steep a tea from it. A tiny bit will go secretly go into the food or drink, of those you wish to "wake-up". Alternatively or additionally, you may wish to use this infusion to anoint their glasses, or glasses case, etc. Make sure to include yourself by touching a bit of the infusion to both of your eyelids as you ask for clear sight, and then sipping some. Whatever remains can be used to wash the front porch. 


Depending on how it all goes, you might also want to have a couple other tricks at the ready, namely a "Cut & Clear" type spell, and maybe have a High John the Conqueror candle ready to lend strength and steadfastness. 

And if you were wrong about the person? Well... maybe bring them a gift or muffin basket garnished with fresh lavender flowers for harmony, and then try your best to get along! :) 

©2011 Storm Faerywolf