Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Candle Magic Tea: Fixing Glass Candles That Do Not Burn All The Way

Candle Magic Tea
Fixing Glass Candles That Do Not Burn All The Way

Those of us who set lights with glass encased candles and study ceromancy with their remains are at times beset by residual wax that lends a negative interpretation to the work. A candle that does not burn completely can indicate a lack of resolution in regards to what it was lit for. Of course we know that not every magical act results in immediate resolution and that patience can be as necessary an ingredient in magic as anything found on the apothecary shelf, yet some needs are immediate, and a tenacious worker will not stop until every magical trick has been employed in order to accomplish a swift result. Fixing a despairing candle of this sort, as with any act of alchemy, relies on heat; in my practice this takes the form of a hot tea that I pour into the candle glass to loosen the stubborn wax and make it rise to the surface.

The type of tea depends on the manner of work to be done. By ‘tea’ I do not necessarily mean something you yourself would drink; feel free to use whatever herbs are aligned with your work since there is no need for them to be ingestible or flavorful. On the other hand a good kitchen witch can often use what is on hand, therefore a commercial jasmine tea would work well when for a candle that was burned for love, or chamomile tea for money. When using a commercial tea bag I like to cut it open and empty the contents into the candle glass. Coffee, or something caffeinated, can also be a good choice for speeding thing up, although for use with a love candle it should be sweetened. The important thing is that this liquid be hot enough to melt the wax. I bring my water to a rolling boil then pour it from kettle to candle.
It is important that you first check the glass to ensure that there are no cracks, as the hot water will expand them and cause you quite a mess. If you do find a crack, or your candle glass breaks, then I would take that as a sign that your magical needs are not to be rushed. Just in case my glass does break I place it in a cauldron, and any large bowl could be used for this purpose. 

In addition to choosing special herbs for my candle jar tea, I also will add a few drop of food coloring into the candle glass to correspond with its original color. Depending on the circumstance I may also add such things as sugar, glitter or even curios. Don’t forget to add your intention, prayers and energy to the process as well.

Once this is done, the mixture is left to cool. If there was a fair amount of wax then you will be left with an herb infused disk of wax that can us used for further magic, such as adding them to a mojo bag, perhaps along with the petition paper that the candle was burned upon. Disposing of the colored water can be tricky, since it may stain. I have a camphor tree that I give mine to, and it seems to like it; I believe the environmental effects of a little food coloring is negligible. Another option would be to bottle the water to use in later spells.

With this added effort you may be able to bring a quicker magical resolution to your needs.

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