Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shining A Light On Your Success

Here is a simple technique of modern conjure sure to brighten your success. Next time a light bulb burns out replace it with one on which you have drawn a sigil for success with a permanent marker. I do this with a Sharpie, and on the bulb I draw a stylized symbol for the word success. I most often see folk using $$¢¢$$, as I often do myself, but it is not ideal for this trick as it may screw in sideways or upside down unless written on while the bulb is snug in its socket (which may not be practical for fixtures such as high ceiling lamps). Having the sigil topsy turvey won’t do for me, since it symbolically strikes me as misdirecting my success, and who knows, it could perchance make me wildly successful at disco dancing when the success I am working for is more gainful employment. So I adapted the sigil into a cross so that it remains relative and balanced whichever way it is turned

Many modern bulbs, such as LEDs and coiled fluorescents contained in bulbs, give off little heat, and I’ve not had a problems with those burning the ink. Even regular incandescent bulbs have worked fine for me, though this would not be appropriate for halogen bulbs. I even go an extra step and anoint the bulb with Crown of Success oil in a five spot pattern between the dollar signs and in the center (figure 2). 

What appears as a circle and an X marking the center is the marriage of two cent signs. What I particularly like about this sigil is how it creates crossroads. That is where so much magic happens. As I see it, each dollar sign serves as a road towards successful opportunities.

So there you go, and after that it is just the flip of a switch to illuminate your life with success.

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