Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fast Luck Doll

Available only from our Etsy store...
This item is not intended for children, but is a magical poppet with Modern Conjure Brand Fast Luck Heb mix mixed in with its plush stuffing. Fast Luck is a traditional Hoodoo blend long used to bring swift luck in matters of money, love, gambling... really anything you might wish to come to you speedily. Vanilla, Wintergreen and Cinnamon blend with other essential oils to give him and exotic and enlivening scent. His features are taken directly from our Fast Luck labels. One eye bears a lucky horseshoe, the other a four leaf clover. His heart is big as are his other endowments, his dice. To get your mojo going strong it is advised that you sprinkle him each week it something well scented, such as our Fast Luck Mojo Water available at our website He is approximately 8 inches tall. 
Only $18

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