Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Modern Conjure On Etsy

Modern Conjure is now on Etsy

The community at Etsy is where you can find some of the best made magical products available. These are seldom items that are made in bulk with the cheapest ingredients possible such as you can find in far too many shops. Etsy is where you go to find items made with care, for these are items that their makers often use themselves for their own magic. The last decade has been something of a renaissance in spiritual products, with many talented and principled crafters bringing their wares to market, and the market at Etsy has supported many of them. All this is said to express how excited we are to bring some of our own select magical products to Etsy. We remain dedicated to expanding our website at, yet we are also thrilled to offer variations of our favorite items, as well as small, unique batches available only to the Etsy community.

For now we offer these Blessed Bath Sachets. These are the same as we sell by the jar, but these are packaged in 'mojoesque' fabric bags. Added to a bath they are lovely as they float like flowers in the water. We are offering 3 for $9. 

Best yet, if you do not find a style to suit your magical need, then we will craft something especially for you, no extra charge. We are that excited about crafting blends to suit you individual needs. For all the details simply check out the listing on Etsy.

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