Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We've Got Our Mojo Workin'

A Mojo Bag can be made for many uses, with many magical ingredients. At Modern Conjure our knowledge of traditional folk magic, our values and expertise, our power and passion go into the creation of each Mojo, whether you call it a Gris Gris, Toby, Lucky Hand, Jomo, Trick or Root Bag we have a list of unique bags to choose from, or we can craft a Mojo as individual as you are. Just follow the links below.

To see our list of available Mojo Bags
Visit the Modern Conjure Mojo Collection

To order a custom made Mojo Bag to suit your individual desires
Visit the Modern Conjure Custom Mojo Page

For a bit more information about Mojo Bags visit the link below

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