Saturday, March 12, 2011

Candle Divination

Candle Divination

Ever since early humans first made their illuminating discovery, fire has played a central role in the spiritual, religious, and magical practices of mankind regardless of culture. Certain woods have been burned in order to aid in healing and to attract prosperity; various ignitable liquids have been set aflame in order to call spirits or to clear a space of unwanted ones; and candles of various colors and shapes have been used in order to achieve a myriad of magical goals. While most other symbolic modalities used in magic tend to be outwardly static when set in play, a candle can act as a sort of “self-diagnostic tool”, indicating how the spell in progress may or may not be working. Below are some common signs of candle magic in progress and what they might mean to the magical practitioner. Remember that these are only general indicators and you should follow your intuition as your first authority.

Low/High flame:
An indicator of the energetic momentum of the spell. You may need to speed up or slow down your working, depending on the goal.

Cloudy glass:
Things are not as they seem; the fog is thick. Confusion. Cleansing may be in order.

Burning black or “sooty”:
Something is blocking you or the spell. Perform a cleansing and try again. (If the working was of a darker nature then this is to be expected.)

Lines of horizontal wax:
Smaller blocks or obstacles are in your path. They may resolve themselves as the candle does its work, but if they don’t then you may need to do some cleansing work and try again.

Symbols on glass of wax/glitter/herbs/etc:
Read intuitively much like for dream interpretation or tea leaf reading; towards the top of candle are more immediate influences, toward bottom are longer term events.

“Popping” or sparking flame:
Pay attention! There are things going on that you need to attend to; people may be talking behind your back. (If you are working for protection then there is something that you need to be aware of. Watch your back!)

Double flame:
Depending on the type of work this can indicate different things: It is important to allow your intuition to guide you. It can indicate being “of two minds” about the situation; In love drawing work it can mean harmony; In protection work it can mean that you have outside protection assisting you.

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